A portrait of designer, Barry sheehan, in a graphical, orange-coloured style

Hi, I'm Barry

I am a video editor, designer and web developer from Cork, Ireland. I am proficient in HTML, CSS and JavaScript as well as Adobe creative products such as Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects. I have worked as a freelance web developer for international clients, and have worked as a video post producer for a leading creator of visual content. Here, I used Adobe After Effects and other industry-standard technologies such as Red Giant Colorista, Mocha and Adobe Media Encoder to produce high quality video content. I have also written a number of workflow-enhancing scripts to automate Adobe After Effects in the JavaScript Extended (.jsx) language. These can be found on my GitHub profile here.: After Effects Workflow Scripts on Github.

In my spare time I take pretty pictures with my girlfriend and post them to the internet. You can check out our instagram page here: Melarry from Cork on Instagram. I'm also fond of a cup of tea.


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